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How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

Flowers are a popular gift for special occasions and holidays, and it is important for florists to ensure that the flowers they sell are fresh and long-lasting.Keep-cut-flowers-fresh-how-to-florist-expressions-cambridge-hamilton-nz

There are a number of techniques and best practices that florists use to keep flowers fresh and extend their lifespan.

One of the most important things that florists do to keep flowers fresh is to properly care for them during transportation and storage. Flowers should be kept in a cool, dark place, as exposure to heat and light can cause them to wilt more quickly. They should also be kept hydrated by placing them in water-filled buckets or tubes. Florists may also use floral preservatives, which are specially formulated solutions that help to keep flowers fresh by providing them with nutrients and protecting them from bacteria.

In addition to proper care during transportation and storage, florists also take steps to prepare flowers for sale. This includes trimming the stems and removing any damaged or wilted petals. Trimming the stems allows the flowers to absorb more water and nutrients, which can help to extend their lifespan. Florists may also use techniques such as dipping the stems in hot water or cutting them at an angle to help improve their ability to absorb water.

Another way that florists keep flowers fresh is by using the right vase and floral foam. The vase should be clean and free of bacteria, and the water should be changed regularly. Floral foam, which is a spongy material that is used to hold flowers in place in arrangements, can help to keep flowers hydrated and prevent them from wilting. Florists may also use flower food, which is a solution that is added to the water in the vase to provide flowers with nutrients and help prevent bacteria from growing.

Finally, florists may use a variety of techniques to keep specific types of flowers fresh. For example, they may use special solutions to help preserve the color of cut roses, or they may mist orchids regularly to keep them hydrated.

Overall, there are many steps that florists take to keep flowers fresh and extend their lifespan. Proper care during transportation and storage, careful preparation for sale, the use of the right vase and floral foam, and specific techniques for different types of flowers are all important for ensuring that flowers remain fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.